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The Changing Infrastructure Landscape

Considering how much I like the sound of my own voice, it may surprise readers to know that this is my first technology blog. It didn’t take long for me to decide that some thoughts on Software Defined Data Centre and the changing infrastructure landscape would be the subject of the first entry; after all, it’s Ethos Technology’s raison d'être (four lines in and already I’m sounding pretentious?!).

I’m continually surprised by how often tech vendors and analysts get caught up in debating what does or does not constitute ‘true’ software defined, whether it be networking, storage or something else; in my opinion this misses the point of what we’re trying to achieve with the next stage of data centre evolution. At the heart of the matter is a desire to move away from the stitching together of discrete, monolithic systems to distributed architectures; from imperative to declarative models of policy definition. There will always be a combined hardware and software element, where the line between them is drawn is largely arbitrary; the key is that a solution abstracts policy and requirement from the complexities of the underlying technology.

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