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Indian airline suffers a ransomware attack

Last week, the SpiceJet airline had to cancel or delay several flights at the last minute due to an attempted ransomware attack. Many customers expressed themselves on social media outlining their disappointment with the company, and after a few hours the reason was disclosed. It was at first unknown if the ransomware resulted in data loss, but on the same day, the company disclosed that it was just an attempted attack that its IT staff had been able to mitigate and allow services to return to normal. Even so, many customers were still disappointed and continued to complain that flights were not normalized and had to wait for up to 80 minutes inside the plane for takeoff with the potential for flights being cancelled entirely. Events like this show us why we must have a robust ransomware protection strategy to prevent attacks and quickly regain control before we lose customers and...

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Did you know that Cohesity is a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™?

The Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ in 2021 named Cohesity as a Leader for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions. According to the events of the last year, cybercriminals compromised almost 300 companies from January to April 2021, which resulted in an increase in ransomware costs, potential job losses, loss of revenue and loss of consumer trust. These organisations are fed up with having their data compromised due to a lack of security in the secondary storage\data protection environment. That's where Cohesity comes in, bringing solutions to these problems and becoming a reference in data backup and security. Learn more about Cohesity's services and the reason for this accolade on their blog.

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