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Did you know that Cohesity is a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™?

The Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ in 2021 named Cohesity as a Leader for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions. According to the events of the last year, cybercriminals compromised almost 300 companies from January to April 2021, which resulted in an increase in ransomware costs, potential job losses, loss of revenue and loss of consumer trust. These organisations are fed up with having their data compromised due to a lack of security in the secondary storage\data protection environment. That's where Cohesity comes in, bringing solutions to these problems and becoming a reference in data backup and security. Learn more about Cohesity's services and the reason for this accolade on their blog.

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What is “Data Isolation”?

Recently the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in the US, released a notification called “Shields Up”, warning companies to protect themselves from all possible threats to their data. This was due to the increase in ransomware attacks, that in addition to corrupting and stealing data, these attacks can take hundreds of resource hours to recover from.Data Isolation is the solution to this problem, but how do you isolate your data and what does the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) say about it?   Data Isolation The threat of ransomware and other cyberattacks places a unique focus on how organisations leverage their backup data. If a ransomware or other attack corrupts production data, organisations need to recover rapidly and accurately to support their 24×7 operational needs. Modern data isolation techniques include immutable snapshots, virtual air gaps, role-based access & multi-factor authentication. A legacy approach is insufficient for the...

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What is XR and why know more about it

A crisis always brings new ways of seeing the world and living in it. The pandemic showed us that we often cannot be physically close to people and brought the challenge of maintaining proximity in other ways, giving way to technology to act. Today, with the help of virtual reality and augmented reality, we can carry out actions within extended reality. Understand more about XR and how it can affect our lives in the future.   What is XR Virtual and augmented realities together form a new concept called extended reality (XR), touted as the future of mobility. It's characterized by offering other types of interaction in addition to vision, hearing, or touch, allowing sensations through simulators. This new language is revolutionizing different sectors, but the evolution of XR will take many years, and the technologies are more and more impressive. Major tech companies are building a part of the metaverse...

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New SaaS Solutions Designed to Address Increasingly Sophisticated Ransomware Attacks

In the early days of cybercrime, cybercriminals focused on encrypting production data. Cohesity allowed customers to rapidly restore their data from backup. As a result, criminals innovated their attack methods and started directly attacking backups, in order to destroy or encrypt them. Thinking of a way to stop criminals, Cohesity unveiled new SaaS offerings, which are available in the data management-as-a-service portfolio of solutions managed by Cohesity. New SaaS Solutions from Cohesity Cohesity DataGovern: A data security and management service that uses AI/ML to automate the discovery of sensitive data and detect anomalous patterns of access and usage that can predict a cyberattack. Project Fort Knox: A service that allows customers to keep an isolated copy of their data in a vault managed by Cohesity to improve data resilience in the face of ransomware attacks. Learn more about Cohesity's new solutions.

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Know your Flash

Flash storage is becoming the new normal to storage data. But, do you know the differences between MLC & QLC drives and why they differ in cost? MLC vs QLC At a very basic level, MLC & QLC differ in capacity, performance & reliability and there are varying costs in using a particular type of flash. Multi-level cells have half the storage capacity of Quad-level cells but don't think that makes them cheaper than QLC. On the contrary, the more storage capacity, the cheaper it will be, so MLCs are slightly more expensive than QLCs.On the other hand, QLC SSDs are generally less reliable than MLC SSDs, precisely because they have 16 different voltage levels compared to MLC's four. Check out this blog from the Magic Quadrant leader, Pure Storage, for more about the advantages & disadvantages of the different types of flash.

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