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5 Ways Cohesity Empowers Global System Integrators to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Did you know that 44% of organisations report having non-planned and inefficient data management? It is true! A study from Everest Group Research showed recently that this is one of the top challenges when we are talking about cloud transformation journeys for companies. It happens when organisations don't have all the necessary support that they need and end up having fragmented systems, which is not a good thing when we speak about data security. Although Cohesity made it possible to change this cycle! Learn 5 ways that Cohesity presented the benefits of digital transformation and how they can help you to accelerate it keeping your data protected, consolidated, repurposed, secured, analysed, governed, and preserved throughout. The GSI-ready platform supports seamless solution integration Cohesity modernises data centre architecture, extends to the cloud, and helps organisations develop for the cloud. The Cohesity flexible, GSI-ready platform is simple at scale, making it easy to...

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What is DataWeb?

You've probably heard the term web 3.0 or Data web. Web 3.0 is the evolution of how society deals with the internet and interacts through it, that is, it is a new global trend of behavior connected full-time to the internet. We'll explain more about web 3.0, or data web, in this post and show how it changes the whole way we look at data going forward. First, what came before web 3.0 Just like we have the historical leaps like the French revolution, the modern age, etc. The internet also has its leaps in history and this started in the mid-'80s when it was created. This period is called web 1.0, which relates to the period when websites had static pages and only companies had access to propagate information. This changed a little with the beginning of web 2.0, a leap that was made around the 2000s when we used...

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The ransomware gang was building a crypto payment platform, a social network – and even had plans for a casino

A cyber attack gang called Conti had their files leaked that show what they planned to do with all the money they raised carrying out ransomware attacks on companies. Among the plans were to open a casino and create a new social network. The gang has extorted around 180 million dollars from companies since last year and had their scheme leaked by a cybersecurity researcher who infiltrated a dark web chat and brought up 60000 files of chat messages. The files show more than just the daily functioning of the group, how they carry out attacks, and so on. They also show what they intend to do in the future like cryptocurrency and social media schemes and expansion beyond corporate extortion. We always need to be prepared to protect ourselves from attacks like this gang. Unfortunately, as anti-ransomware systems evolve, they also evolve with their attacks. Choose as your cybersecurity and...

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How to have a more agile IT Infrastructure?

These days we cannot afford not to be prepared to deal with anything and everything that can happen within our IT structure. With ransomware attacks happening every day, the development of system improvements, updates, etc., we need to have a more agile and easier to deal with IT infrastructure. Many companies are now focused on scaling IT operations using improved and more automated infrastructures, transforming the use of technology, and enabling projects to be delivered faster and more innovatively within the business. For your company to become a leader, you will need to adopt better infrastructures. But how? In this post, we will help you with that. Become a technology-oriented company There are two ways companies deal with new technologies. The first is just buying the technologies without evaluating or planning how to use them. The second is to assess, understand and plan how to use new technology to grow. Companies...

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How to deal with the complexity of managing data in a multi-cloud world?

Did you know that basically everything we do within our companies generates data? It seems like an obvious question but many companies today are still just generating and receiving data without managing it properly. The reason behind this is that data management has become too expensive and too complex. If we look at an overview, we can see why everything is complex. Cohesity considers the main points for this to be constant storage in silos, whether in disparate locations and products, on-site and in clouds. Also the overload on IT teams that end up getting disconnected solutions; a product for backup and recovery, another for security, data governance, disaster recovery, file and object services, data analysis and a considerable amount more. Today we bring you some tips on how you can deal with the complexity of data management with the help of Cohesity. Simplify your system What businesses and users need...

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